Week 27: Scrapping premiums for coal plants, lifetime for electric appliances, US climate protection, Share economy



Scrapping premiums for coal plants:: The coal taxes created by Federal Minister for Economics Sigmar Gabriel, are dead. On Wednesday, the German cabinet will debate on the shutdown of further plants. The talks will focus on 2.7 gigawatts of energy, which will be lost after the shutdown of eight coal-fired power plants. They are planned to remain on a stand-by mode. The energy suppliers should get financially compensated, with costs of up to 800 million euro. Theses costs will fall on either the taxpayer or the electricity clients. Greenpeace, the environment organization, reckons with a short-term win for the industry. This exit has been long-planned.
rp-online.de (Bericht), greenpeace.de (Kritik)

Grillo calls for energy supply roadmap: BDI President Ulrich Grillo is calling for the long-overdue construction of the North-South electricity grid, in view of the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power shutdown last Sunday. The grand coalition must quickly reach an agreement on a reliable energy supply roadmap. Industry need clarification before the summer break. Politics should finally start negotiations.

Around 1000 tons of raw material is consumed by a German citizen on average in their lifetime. This equals approximately 14.000 times their own weight. Two tons of copper, three tons aluminium, 105 tons crude oil and 540 tons of brick and gravel gets consumed.

PH levels rising in inland waters: Carbon dioxide concentrations are not only rising in the ocean but also in rivers and lakes. Scientists are now warning that these could become dangerous for numerous fish species. The development of young salmon could become impaired due to changes in the pH-levels found in fresh waters.

Expensive wind farms: Offshore wind farms are expensive for energy industries. Industry are forecast to reduce their costs by 40 percent until 2020. One kilowatt-hour of offshore wind would then cost 10 cent instead of 16 cents. Costs must be saved on all fronts: From the turbines to the foundation and also in the logistics and storage.

Lifetime for electrical appliances: In the future all electrical appliances and devices would be distinguished by a minimum lifespan-label, if the federal ministry for the environment gets their way. The department is due to present concrete proposals in August. Manufactures should also furnish particulars regarding the amount of time spare parts are kept. The Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) plans on pushing forth statutory regulations. The Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry (ZVEI) remain sceptical as this initiative cannot be verified.

TV tip of the week: „The enemy in my stomach“. The 3sat science documentation examines the question if more lies behind the rapid increase of food intolerance than just pure hypochondria and why many Germans are of the opinion, their food is a source of potential danger.

More sustainable travel: Alliance of independent travel companies aim at increasing sustainable tourism asr-berlin.de
Share economy: Carsharing in business greenmag.de
Drive Now: BMW fleet special, electric vehicle i3 wiwo.de
Cooperative or subsidiary: At the creditors meeting for bankrupt Prokon a court decision will be determined wiwo.de
GiZ and DLR: Expanding cooperation for development cooperation dlr.de
Fracking: Coalition postpones decision deutschlandfunk.de


„Efficient climate protection measures need targeted and efficient instruments. The IG BCE proposed alternatives for the so-called climate agreement prevents costly structural faults and cutbacks to jobs. Independent appraisers have confirmed that consumers will only incur a quarter of the costs by 2020. Politicians should not lead the pending European Emission Trading Scheme reforms through national strategies ad absurdum.“
Holger Lösch, Member of the Executive Board at the Federation of German Industries (BDI) on the 10 theses on the future of coal to 2040

„Scientists from SRU are of the opinion that dismantling over-capacities in coal-fired power generation is long overdue. Now, the Federal Ministry of Economics has recognized this as well.They only provide the most minimal solution, from a climate protection perspective, to reach the climate target. Still it is generally suitable for ensuring that dirty coal-fired power plants partially or completely leave the grid through cleverly-placed economic incentives.“
Sascha Müller-Kraenner, National Director of the German Environmental Relief Organization (DUH), on the newly released report – Theses on the future of coal to 2040


Secure electricity supply: According to estimates by DIW, the present electricity grid without grid expansion will provide the whole of Germany with a reliable energy supply. However, conditions which convert coal into electricity must be drastically reduced.

Sneaker death After a certain time, the soles of sneakers begin to disintegrate. Cause: Synthetic materials react with varying differences to environmental influences such as temperature changes, humidity, UV rays and even also with the period of time.

Sustainable shopping basket: The advice for sustainable development (RNE) have overhauled a shopping guide to give you an expansion of the latest developments in the areas sustainable consumption. This serves to provide consumers with alternative shopping.

US climate protection: Supreme Court blocks Obama’s limits on power plants zeit.de
Formula E: Championships with a future faz.net
Electric scooters for Berlin: 150 electric scooters as a sharing model are envisaged to whizz through the capital city intellicar.de


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01.05 – 31.10.2015, Expo Milano 2015
This is the Universal Exhibition which Milan is hosting over a six month period. Milan will become transformed into a global showcase with over 140 participating countries showing the best of their technology, offering concrete solutions to the worlds vital needs in order to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, whilst at the same time respecting our planets natural balance. Additionally, the Expo also includes international organizations with a total of over 20 million visitors expected in an exhibition space encompassing 1.1 million square meters.

08.07 – 09.07.2ß15 Hgh-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, New York

One of the central outcomes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, was the establishment of a high-level political forum on sustainable development (HLPF) replacing the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). The HLPF meets annually for a period of eight days, including a three-day ministerial segment, within the framework of the substantive session of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The next meeting will take place at the beginning of July 2015.

13.07 – 16.07.2015 Third International Conference on Financing for Development, Addis Ababa

In preparation for the summit in September 2015 at which heads of state and government are to adopt the new post-2015 agenda, the Third International Conference on Financing for Development will be held in Ethiopia’s capital from 13 to 16 July 2015.
The conference aims to bring together high-ranking political representatives, including heads of state and government, finance ministers, foreign ministers, development ministers as well as all institutional actors, NGOs and companies from the financial sector. The goal is a result that has been negotiated and agreed between governments that can make an important contribution to shaping and supporting the implementation of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.
In addition to financing, issues concerning international trade, technology transfer and strengthening local capacities play an important role in implementing the agenda.


9-10 October 2015 – World Forum for a Sustainable Society – Sofia University


Gigantic joint wanders through Upper Austria: The after-work joint, according to wishes from the Grünen-Jugend (Green Party Youth), should become as normal as the after-work beer. Alcohol and cannabis have the same effect, with the biggest difference lying in the legal status. In the upcoming two weeks, the Grüne Jugend plan on riding through Upper Austria with their gigantic joint to promote a rational narcotics policy and in-turn the sensible legalization of cannabis.


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